Shekinah, Hebrew for "God's Glory" - is a ranch where broken spirits meet and can be healed - a place where we are Giving Hope a Home.

Wish List

Since Shekinah Ranch is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization we rely on donations from others to help keep the ranch running. We deeply thank everyone who donates items or money from the bottom of our hearts.  Here is a list of our current wish list items:

Immediate Needs

  • Animal Sponsorships
  • Gift cards to local feed stores
  • Rainbow Reins
  • Surcingle
  • New or used tack
  • Orange cones
  • Barrels
  • Bean bags
  • Craft supplies
  • Post and fencing repairs

Monthly Expenditures

  • Feed
    • Horses-3 bags Stategy per horse per month
    • Birds- 2 bags Purina Flock Raiser Pellets per month
    • Llama- 2 bags Mazuri Exoctic per month
    • Goats- 1 bag Purina Goat Chow per month
  • Preventative medications- de-wormers
  • Farrier for horses
  • Veterinary expenses- annual vacciniations and emergency

Program Development

  • Training for rescue horses
  • On-going training for owners and mentors

Event Development

  • Tables and chairs
  • Pop-up tents
  • Portable animal enclosure

Ranch Developmeny Funding- the 5 Year Plan!

  • Covered arena with permanent restroom
  • Concrete wash pad and apron for additional stables
  • Construction materials for additional stables
  • Equipment rental to deepen pond for fising
  • Aeration for pond
  • Pasture irrigation/seeding
  • Farm tractor/backhoe
  • 2 horse slant trailer