Shekinah, Hebrew for "God's Glory" - is a ranch where broken spirits meet and can be healed - a place where we are "Giving hope a home".

Some of the most healing moments in our lives have been when we have been emotionally distressed and have turned to our favorite pets for comfort and a non-judgmental ear to listen. Shekinah Ranch is built on this very premise - that touch and communication between animals and humans can sometimes reach the fears and emotional baggage that we carry deep inside.

We provide a peaceful environment where disadvantaged children and their families can interact with some of our beloved animals – our staff so to speak – for a little rest and relaxation and experience the healing power of unconditional love. Some of our own animals have been rescued from neglect and abuse and they, in turn, have their own need for unconditional love which can be provided by visitors to Shekinah Ranch.

We will provide our visitors, at no cost, the opportunity to work with a mentor,one on one,  in learning and performing basic horsemanship skills. If they choose, they can play with the animals that make the Ranch their home- two mischievous Pygmy goats, a couple of rescued donkeys or one of our other many pets. Some days you may find us doing arts and crafts, or having a hay ride in the pasture. It’s not unusual for us to light a fire and make smores and just enjoy the resulting conversation and camaraderie. Whatever the activity, we will provide a safe, Christian atmosphere designed to help build hope within the hearts of those involved and promote the belief that God, indeed, does have a plan for us.

Jeremiah 29:11